Pierre Auger Observatory

Hybrid Detector

Auger cosmic ray shower 265x65

The hybrid nature of the Pierre Auger Observatory provides for two independent ways to see cosmic rays. Read More...

Time Lapse Video

Who Was Pierre Auger?

pierre auger 1935 265x65

The Pierre Auger Observatory experiment was named after Pierre Victor Auger (1899 - 1993) Read More...

The Mystery of High-Energy Cosmic Rays

An active galactic nucleus (AGN) containing a black hole, a possible source of high-energy cosmic rays.

Scientists love a mystery, because solving a mystery in nature means the opportunity to learn something new about the universe. High-energy cosmic rays are just such a mystery. Something out there - no one knows what - is hurling incredibly energetic particles around the universe. Do these particles come from some unknown superpowerful cosmic explosion? From a huge black hole sucking stars to their violent deaths? From colliding galaxies?


Online Analysis of Pierre Auger Data with VISPA

Auger Skymap

With the VISPA internet platform you can perform physics analyses with the Pierre Auger public data in the web browser. Begin with a sky map of cosmic rays in an example analysis. Then, you can develop your own ideas and visualise the scientific results. To visualize cosmic nuclei propagating in our universe use the CRPropa simulation program.


Auger On Site


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Shower Simulations

shower simulation

A computer is used to construct a model of what happens in a high energy cosmic ray airshower. Read More...

Google Earth


A model of the Observatory layout was constructed, to be viewed interactively using Google Earth. Read More...

Event Display


The Pierre Auger Collaboration agreed on making 1% of its data available to the public. Read More...