Who's Who in the Pierre Auger Collaboration


Spokespersons (more information)

  • Ralph Engel (Spokesperson – Karlsruhe)
  • Antonella Castellina (Co-spokesperson – Torino)

Previous Spokespersons (more information)

  • Karl-Heinz Kampert (Spokesperson – Wuppertal)
  • Antonio Bueno (Co-spokesperson – Granada)
  • Jim Matthews (Former co-spokesperson – Louisiana State U)
  • Giorgio Matthiae (Former spokesperson – Rome)
  • Paul Sommers (Former co-spokesperson – PSU)
  • Johannes Blümer (Former co-spokesperson – KIT)
  • James W. Cronin (Emeritus – University of Chicago, deceased 25. Aug. 2016)
  • Alan A. Watson (Emeritus – University of Leeds)

Project Managers

  • Ingo Allekotte (Project Manager – Bariloche)
  • Patrick Stassi (Deputy Project Manager – Grenoble)

Former Project Managers

  • Paul Mantsch (Former Project Manager – Fermilab)
  • Jonny Kleinfeller (Former Project Manager – Malargüe)
  • Carlos Hojvat (Former Deputy Project Manager – Fermilab)

Project Management Team (KIT)

  • Anna Friedrich (Project Secretary)
  • Bianca Keilhauer (Cost and Schedule Officer)
  • Matthias Kleifges (Technical engineer & Health, Safety and Environment)
  • Beatrix von Puttkamer (Webmaster)
  • Claudia Schäfer (Admin)

Collaboration Board

  • Lorenzo Perrone (Chair – Lecce)
  • Federico Sánchez (Co-Chair – Buenos Aires)

Ex-officio members include Auger Spokespersons, CB Chairperson and Co-Chairperson, Project Managers, Site Managers and Site Spokespersons, and Task Leaders

Science and Performance Coordinators

  • Lorenzo Cazon, Bruce Dawson (Science Coordinators)
  • Corinne Bérat, Franceso Salamida (Detector Performance Coordinators)

Science and Performance Task Leaders

  • Analysis Foundations
    J. Bellido, T. Huege, M. Roth
  • Calibration Analysis
    D. Schmidt, G. Salina, B. Pont
  • Monitoring Analysis
    G. Anastasi, J. Rautenberg
  • Atmospheric Conditions
    B. Keilhauer, L. Valore
  • Long Term Performance
    R. Caruso, I. Mariş
  • Energy Spectrum
    F. Fenu, V. Verzi
  • Arrival Directions
    L. Caccianiga, G. Golup
  • Mass Composition
    E. Mayotte, A. Yushkov
  • Air Shower Physics
    R. Conceição, T. Pierog
  • Cosmic Ray Phenomenology
    D. Boncioli, E. Roulet
  • Cosmo-Geophysics
    R. Mussa, D. Veberič
  • Neutral Particles
    J. Alvarez-Muñiz, M. Niechciol
  • Multimessenger
    K.-H. Kampert, E. Zas
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
    R. Colalillo, E. Santos
  • Machine Learning
    J. Glombitza, N.N.

Site Spokesperson

  • Alberto Etchegoyen (CNEA)

Site Manager

  • Gualberto Ávila (CNEA)

Site Staff

  • Ricardo Sato (Science Operations Coordinator – SD)
  • Mariano Del Río (Science Operations Coordinator – FD)
  • Rubén Squartini (Computer Systems Administrator)
  • Fernando Contreras (Systems Engineer)
  • Jorge Rodriguez (Lidar and Atmospheric Monitoring Engineer)
  • Primo Vitale (Fluorescence Detectors Maintenance Engineer)
  • Rosa Inés Pacheco (Secretary of Management)
  • Ricardo Pérez (Building and Grounds Manager)
  • José Escalona (Environment, Health and Safety)
  • Juan Pablo Gongora (SDE Engineer)
  • Fabián Gobbi (Engineer)
  • Marcos Cerda (Engineer)
  • Yamila Gonzalez (Accounting)
  • Jesica Velasquez (Computing and Maintenance)
  • Leandro Gomez (FD/HEAT Technician)
  • Oscar Sáez (SD Electronics)
  • Mauro Gajardo (SD Electronics)
  • Miguel Salvadores (SD Assembly and Deployment)
  • Raúl Vidal (SD Technician)
  • Mario Rodríguez (Mechanical Technician)
  • Javier Salinas (Mechanical Technician)
  • Roberto Moyano (Electrician)
  • Pedro Barraza (Electrician & Water Plant Operator)
  • Analía Caceres (Visitor's Center)
  • Alexis Rodríguez (Maintenance and Night Watcher)
  • Jorge Alcalde (Maintenance and Night Watcher)
  • Juan Blanco (Maintenance and Night Watcher)
  • Ivan Munoz (Maintenance and Night Watcher)
  • Jose Rojas (Maintenance and Night Watcher)
  • Isabel Farías (Cleaning Service)
  • Marta Gonzalez (Cleaning Service)
  • Andrés Travaini (INFN Fellow, engineer)

Tasks & Sub-Tasks

  • Fluorescence Detector
    Hermann-Josef Mathes (Task Leader – Karlsruhe)
    Martina Boháčová (Co-Task Leader – Prague)

    • Mirrors and Related Optics
      Petr Schovánek (Olomouc)
    • Camera
      Valerio Verzi (Rome)
    • Atmospheric Monitoring
      Lawrence Wiencke (Mines)
      Bianca Keilhauer (Karlsruhe)
  • Fluorescence Detector Electronics
    Matthias Kleifges (Task Leader – Karlsruhe)
  • Surface Detector Systems
    Peter Mazur (Task Leader – Fermilab)
    Fred Sarazin (Co-Task Leader – Mines)
  • Surface Detector Electronics
    Tiina Suomijarvi (Task Leader – Orsay)
    Dave Nitz (Co-Task Leader – Michigan Tech)
  • Surface Scintillation Detector
    Daniele Martello (Task Leader – Lecce)
    Henryk Wilczyński (Co-Task Leader – Krakow)
  • Communications
    Corbin Covault (Task Leader – Case Western)
    Dave Nitz (Co-Task Leader – Michigan Tech)
    • Surface Detector Communications Antenna Systems
    • Wireless LAN Network
    • Backbone Network
    • Antennae, Propagation
    • Mechanical Integration Liaison
    • Wide Area Networks
    • Local Area Network
  • Central Data Acquisition System
    David Schmidt (Task Leader – Karlsruhe)
  • Monitoring
    Julian Rautenberg (Task Leader – Wuppertal)
    Gioacchino Alex Anastasi (Co-Task Leader – Torino)
  • Data Processing and Analysis
    Lukas Nellen (Task Leader - UNAM)
    Felix Schlüter (Co-Task Leader – Karlsruhe)
  • AMIGA (Auger Muons and Infill for the Ground Array)
    Federico Sánchez (Task Leader – ITeDA)
    Manuel Platino (Co-Task Leader – ITeDA)
    • Detectors, Assembly and Deployment (Nicolas Leal - ITeDA)
    • Electronics and Comms (Manuel Platino- ITeDA)
    • Power System (Beatriz Garcia - ITeDA)
  • Education – Outreach
    Beatriz García (Task Leader – ITeDA)
    Karen Salome Caballero Mora (Co-Task Leader – Chiapas)
  • AERA
    Jörg Hörandel (Task Leader – IMAPP)
    Tim Huege (Co-Task Leader – Karlsruhe)
  • Data Release Task
    Viviana Scherini (Task Leader – Lecce)
    Mario Buscemi (Co-Task Leader – Catania)


  • Publication Committee
    Carola Dobrigkeit – Chair
    Roger Clay
    Armando di Matteo
    Ioana Maris
    Darko Veberič

  • Conference Committee
    Markus Risse – Chair
    Carla Bonifazi
    Ugo Giaccari
    Eva Santos


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