In December 2015, the United Nations General Assembly established February 11th as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The sponsorship of more than 65 countries and the approval of all Member States to the resolution signals the global community’s interest in transforming our world through achieving gender parity in educational opportunity and scientific participation and preparation.

Online Exhibitions:

"Las Mujeres sostienen la mitad del cielo" (spanish Version)

"Women hold up half the Sky"
(english Version)

 "Les femmes supportent la moitié du ciel"
(enhanced french version)

We, the women of the Pierre Auger Collaboration, want to
encourage women and girls willing to study and work in Science,
by sharing with them our experiences:


Adriana Vásquez

Alexandra Saftoiu

Ana Botti

Antonella Castellina

Belén Andrada

Bianca Keilhauer

Carla Aramo

Carla Bonifazi

Carmina Pérez Bertolli

Carola Dobrigkeit

Corinne Bérat

Cristina Galea

Cynthia Ventura

Denise Boncioli

Eva Santos

Felicia Barbato

Gabriella Cataldi

Geraldina Golup

Gina Isar

Ioana Maris

Josina Schulte

Karen Caballero

Laura Valore

Maria Rita Coluccia

Martina Boháčová

Nataliia Borodai

Patricia Hansen

Rita C. Anjos

Roberta Colalillo

Rossella Caruso

Silvia Mollerach

Sofia Andringa

Teresa Bister

Viviana Scherini

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