Making a plot in Aitoff projection

Plot with Aitoff projection

  • Load the data of the ASCII-file (with all events) from into the Excel spread sheet
  • Label your Excel spreadsheet as in the following picture:

  • You will need to put the following formulas into the Excel spreadsheet:

  • in cell P18: =PI()/180
    in cell O20: =ARCCOS(COS(H20*$P$18)*COS(G20*$P$18/2))
    in cell P20: =2*COS(H20*$P$18)*SIN(G20*$P$18/2)*O20/SIN(O20)
    in cell Q20: =(SIN(H20*$P$18))*O20/SIN(O20)

    column G contains the values for the galactic longitude beginning at field G20
    column H contains the values for the galactic latitude beginning at field H20

  • Mark cells O20 to Q20 and transfer the equations to cells below as shown here

  • Mark all cells which show the values for the coordinates in Aitoff projection (1: mark first cell 2: hold down the "shift key" 3:mark last cell

  • Activate the plot tool: go to "Insert" and select "X Y Scatter plot" in the menu bar
  • A chart with your data will show up in your spreadsheet
  • Click on the chart and select the corresponding chart layout in the menu bar
  • You can modify "axis title" and "chart title" by clicking on the labels
  • Double click on the axis to adjust the axis options if necessary
  • Your final plot will look like this (only few events included):

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