Pierre Auger Observatory


  • Xmax Data 2014
    published in Depth of Maximum of Air-Shower Profiles at the Pierre Auger Observatory: Measurements at Energies above 10^17.8 eV, A. Aab et al [Pierre Auger Collaboration], Phys.Rev. D 90 (2014) 12, 122005 [doi] [arXiv]

  • List of ultra-high energy cosmic ray events (2014)
    published in Searches for Anisotropies in the Arrival Directions of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Detected by the Pierre Auger Observatory, A. Aab et al [Pierre Auger Collaboration], ApJ 804 (2015) 1, 15 [doi] [arXiv]


Data are provided as is and might be subject to future changes.
Data are released under the (CC BY-SA 4.0) International License.

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